Friday, April 11, 2014

Stepping Away...

House hunting has been consuming my every waking hour lately.  So much so that I am frustrated that we can't seem to agree on anything.  Or we do, and we are outbid or don't bid fast enough.  It seems the housing market here is HOT right now and homes, or at least what we expect from a home, don't seem to measure up to the $$$$$$$ they are asking.

Maybe we are too picky.

 McG thinks I am spending too much time worrying about it.  He thinks that the right home will show up.

The frustration for me is hard to reign in. I'm not sleeping

I am stepping away from the Realtor sites and Pinterest....hoping that not seeing the constant barrage of beautiful homes will somehow help ease my frustration.

My home is everything I dreamed it would be, but now, it doesn't seem to measure up somehow.  The projects are finished and there are no new ones on the horizon.  Maybe that's the problem...there is no excitement like the thrill of the hunt for the perfect flooring or piece of furniture or making a room come to life from the design in your head.

 Decor is a passion of mine. 

As I search for something else to help fulfill my days...I hope you stick around.  I'm hoping this funk is short-lived.  I know something great is just around the corner...I'm just hoping I'm patient enough for it to get here!